Alan Tudyk Talks About The Time Nathan Fillion Shut Down Justin Bieber

It turns out Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom aren’t the only ones who’ve found it necessary to put churlish manchild Justin Bieber in his place. Nathan Fillion has also had a run in with the (we hope) has-been musician. We learned about the beef from Alan Tudyk at a fan Q&A and charity auction, where Tudyk sold some of his old stuff between answering fan queries and telling anecdotes about former projects and co-stars.

Tudyk talks about the run in starting at 28:45 in the video above. He says he was playing video games with Firefly co-star Nathan Fillion in the VIP room of the Halo 2 launch party when Bieber and entourage tried to kick them out so they could have all six or so game systems to themselves. Fillion’s reaction was pure Fillion:

You could say he… *sunglasses* put the hammer down.

If only there were video of the event. Preferably one shot better than the Orlando Bloom video was. Speaking of which, we have some AMAZING EXCLUSIVE GIFS of that fight…

And Bieber makes 43.

Via Lilprince