Dive Into The Deep Customization Options In ‘Need For Speed’ With Drift Champion Chris Forsberg

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Chris Forsberg, an institution on the Formula Drift racing circuit. Chris is a two-time Formula D champ, has more podium finishes to his name than any other drift racer and he definitely knows a thing or two about creating a race-winning ride. So what does he think of the deep, authentic car customization in the latest entry in the Need for Speed series?

In the video above, you can check out Chris delving into the many facets of Need for Speed car customization. Watch as he supes up the horsepower, carefully adjusts the grip and tinkers with the suspension, fuel system and engine tuning. Oh, and needless to say, Chris turns his car’s drift stability off so he can slide around corners with ease. Of course, you don’t need to be a veteran racer to play with Need for Speed‘s customization, as the game’s elegant interface makes building your dream car an easy task.

Once you’re done messing with your ride, you can take to the streets and take on real names from the drift and urban racing scene, including Chris Forsberg himself. See if you can out-customize and race the master.

Need for Speed is currently available for the Xbox One and PS4.