Neil DeGrasse Tyson And Cinema Sins Find Everything Wrong With ‘Gravity’

Okay all you grumpy Guses, I’ve heard all your complaints about Cinema Sins’ Everything Wrong With videos. “They’re just nitpicking!” you say.

“I can’t bear to hear ever minor complaints about a thing I liked,” you protest. “Also, the ring came off my pudding can!”

Well, what if the nitpicks came from Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Yup, Cinema Sins got the most popular science guy around to pitch in (again) on the dismantling of the “scientifically accurate” (when it wants to be) Gravity. Check it out below…

Sin #whatever — why wasn’t Sandra Bullock wearing a bulky astronaut diaper when she came out of her spacesuit? She totally would have won another Oscar if she had been brave enough to float around in 3D in a soiled Depends.

Via Cinema Sins