Neil deGrasse Tyson Used the Power of Science to Force James Cameron to Change Titanic

04.03.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Titanic will soon be back in theatres, and aside from being converted into 3D it’s pretty much going to be the same familiar big ball o’ cheese it’s always been. Give James Cameron credit — he hasn’t pulled a Lucas and redone the effects or pasted a digital bra on Kate Winslet to make the movie more family friendly.

That said, there has been one minor change made, and it according to Cameron it was pretty much entirely the doing of moustachioed space man Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Apparently Tyson sent Cameron a “snarky” email telling him that as Winslet lays on a piece of driftwood looking up at the sky near the end of the movie, she’s totally looking at the wrong stars given the date and location of the Titanic disaster. How Tyson managed to notice that with eyes full of tears I have no idea.

So, shockingly, the infamously prickly Cameron didn’t just tell Tyson to go f–k himself. Nope, he actually went ahead and made the change to the proper star field — the only major technical alteration made to the entire movie.

Hmmm, hey Neil, maybe in your next email you could ask Cameron to replace some of the Celine Dion. Also, all of Terminator 3.

via io9

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