New Saints Row Trailer Goes All Out Tron

09.13.11 8 years ago

Only the developers of Saints Row:The Third could come strolling out of a screening for Tron and think to themselves, “Hmmm, now how the hell can we incorporate that into Saints Row:The Third?” A ballsy move and yet that’s the exact reason we’re all able to have so much fun with the Saints Row franchise: those guys just don’t give a sh*t.

In the latest trailer for the new title we learn of yet another one of Steelport’s finest criminal organizations, The Deckers. This is the gang that Gamma Squad would be, if only we didn’t wear quite as much makeup and focused our time on hacking, instead of photoshopping celebrity torsos onto centaurs.

The Deckers… elite cybercriminals… hackers… unrelenting online gamers. Their next target: the Third Street Saints. Upon arriving in Steelport, the Saints find their bank accounts wiped out by a Deckers cyber-attack. For the Saints, there’s only one thing left to do: hack into the Deckers user-net, engage in their own brand of cyberbullying, and shut down the Deckers’ network… permanently. But in this world, Deckers mastermind Matt Miller is a virtual god, capable of altering physics, setting firewalls, and unleashing his own deadly, maxed-out avatar. Are you ready to f*** s*** up in virtual reality? [source]

Check after the jump for the Deckers Die Trailer to see what all the huffing and puffing is about. Saints Row:The Third releases on November 15th.

[via ToplessRobot]

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