New Trask Industries Website Unveils The Sentinels Of ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

So, The Wolverine just came out this past weekend, so you know what that means — time to start hyping up the next X-Men flick, Days of Future Past! Fox just put up a new viral website for Trask industries, the villainous corporation behind those standby X-Men threats, the Sentinels.

The site contains a number of pictures, propaganda posters and videos featuring glimpses of the Sentinels of Days of Future Past as well as a shot of Peter Dinklage sporting a pretty wicked porn ‘stache and 70s hair-helmet as Sentinel creator Bolivar Trask. Hit the jump to check it all out…

via Comics Alliance

Here’s the Trask Industries propaganda video…

Hit the second page for some pics and posters.

Very subtle.

Finally, hit the final page for Peter Dinklage as Trask (because the picture deserves a page all of its own).

Give this man the Oscar now! There’s an Oscar for “style and grooming” right?

You can check out the Trask Industries site for yourself, right here, which you should because it’s actually pretty well done.