No, John Rozum Did Not Kill “Static Shock”

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01.24.12 8 Comments

We didn’t hate “Static Shock” when we reviewed it. Even though we didn’t add it to our pull lists, we still felt it was a solid book, and one of the few bright spots of the first week of the New 52

Aaaaaaand now it, along with “OMAC”, “Blackhawks”, “Men of War”, “Hawk and Dove”, and “Mister Terrific”, are getting the axe and being replaced with six other books. Hey, DC, you couldn’t throw us a bone and put “Catwoman” to sleep? Put a bullet in “Green Arrow?”

Understandably, however, comics fans are looking slightly askance at both books starring a Black character getting the axe after issue #8, and they’re blaming John Rozum, who bailed after issue #4. Now Rozum is weighing in about how he’s not to blame.

Partially because, apparently, Scott McDaniel didn’t let him write the book. Also, apparently he’s a big fan of Robert McKee, who if you’ve hated the boring, formulaic, and obvious screenplay of a movie over the last twenty years or so, is directly to blame, which explains a lot about why Scott McDaniel, as a writer, makes a great artist.

The full blog entry is a good, if depressing, read and it explains a lot about the politics and problems of any creative endeavor. Hopefully, Rozum doesn’t burn any bridges with this; he’s a good writer and he should be allowed to do his job.

Thanks to JP for his eagle eye on this one.

image courtesy DC Comics

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