No Supercomputers for Playstation Fans Next Gen — Sony Dumps the Cell Processor

03.01.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Okay, let’s talk PS4. We’ve already heard plenty of scuttlebutt about the WiiU and Xbox 720, but so far there hasn’t been much talk about the next Playstation. Well, that changed this week with the major rumor that the PS4 will be junking the Cell processor.

Oh, the Cell processor. It was the “supercomputer on a chip”! It had eight synergistic processors (whatever the f–k that means)! It would still be ahead of the game 10-years later! It absolutely, totally justified the PS3 being 600 bucks at launch!

Or at least that’s what Sony told everybody.

In reality it was mostly just hard to develop for. In the end games designed specifically for the PS3 kinda, sorta looked a bit better than Xbox 360 games, and multi-platform titles often looked worse.

With the Cell processor gone, speculation is the PS4 will run on an AMD developed integrated graphics chip. Basically its innards will be very similar to next generation PCs, which’ll make the machine cheaper and easier to develop for. Probably for the best, and yet…I’ll miss the old days of ridiculous Sony hyperbole.

via Kotaku & Gameranx

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