Nostalgia Code Entered — Game Genie is Back

Back in the 90s being cool wasn’t that hard — in order to become the raddest dude amongst your group of friends, all you had to do was convince your parents to buy you a Game Genie.

“Whoa, you can make it so you’re invincible all the time in Super Mario World?! You only have to pick up one coin to get a 1UP?! My world is turning upside doooooown!!!”

I never actually had one, but damn I envied the kids that did. Unfortunately when most games moved toward disc-based formats, the Game Genie more or less disappeared. I suppose those Action Replay things still existed, but it wasn’t the same man.

Well, good news, Game Genie is back! Or at least it is if you own a DS or 3DS. The new Game Genie will work with 300 different games, and you’ll be able to download new codes via Wi-fi. Sounds pretty sweet, but I have to take issue with that new mascot on their packaging — what happened to the red shirtless guy who used to hold up the words “VIDEO GAME ENHANCER”?

Red Shirtless Guy — another victim of this damn economy.

via Technabob