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UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Lo Scandalo’ With Art Director Neal Holman |UPROXX|

Meme Watch: ‘What People Think I Do vs What I Really Do’ Reminds Us That All Jobs Kinda Suck |UPROXX|

7 Potential First-Time Hosts that Could Enliven the Stagnant ‘Saturday Night Live’ |Warming Glow|

Frotcast 87: ‘Ask a Porn Guy’ w/Seymore Butts, Lindy West vs. Penn Jillette |Film Drunk|

ROFLMNBAO: This Linsane Week In NBA Pictures |With Leather|

On Jeremy Lin’s Autograph, DJ Neil Armstrong & “Originals” |Smoking Section|

Chris Brown Has A New Pickup Line Sure To Make All The Ladies Melt |UPROXX|

Oh, look, somebody found your phone:

Channing Tatum Wants Fans To Pick His Movies |Film Drunk|

NBA Announces All-Star 2012 Dunk Contest Participants |Smoking Section|

New York Giants Star Jerry Linn Is About To Get Some Top Shelf YouTube Tail |With Leather|

Every ‘Simpsons’ Chalkboard Quote |Warming Glow|

The Evolution Of Louis CK |GorillaMask|

The most ironic shoes ever? |I-Am-Bored|

History of Nintendo’s Controllers GIF |Unreality|

This Dog Looks A Lot Like A Penis |HuffPost Comedy|

The World’s Most Expensive Starbucks Drink? |The FW|

Tommy Chong Says Whitney Houston Should Have Stuck to Ganja |Brobible|

Which Cast Aged The Best? My Money’s On Those Kids From Bayside |Pajiba|

13 Things About Your Childhood You Never Realized That Will Blow Your Mind |Buzzfeed|

Cuba Gooding Jr. reveals that Tom Cruise has been trapped in the closet since at least 1996 |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: I think this cat may want in. |via SayOMG|

[Pictures via Reddit and SofaPizza.]

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