Patton Oswalt Calls Shenanigans On Batman, Relays His Final Wishes

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12.13.13 3 Comments

Patton Oswalt on The Pete Holmes Show

Andrew already shared the video of Patton Oswalt ruining corn cobs forever on last night’s The Pete Holmes Show. During the same interview, he also called shenanigans on Batman.

“Batman probably does kill a lot of people. When he’s driving around with that motorcycle, he’s just shooting missiles at stuff, and no one’s dying? Like, if you rode a Segway quickly through The Grove [in Los Angeles], you would kill people. And he’s on a motorcycle with missiles, and no one’s dying.”

They were talking about one of Holmes’ Batman parodies which Oswalt co-starred in as the Penguin, and Holmes (as Batman) keeps killing people but refuses to acknowledge it.

Oswalt also mentioned what he hopes happens after he dies, namely that someone will make a notebook cover or something cool out of his skin while his friends grab a keg and watch Lethal Weapon. That sounds much better than coffin shopping.

They also discussed the historical context of porn, if that’s your jam.

(H/T: Pete Holmes)

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