Patton Oswalt Has Joined The ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Reboot As The New ‘Evil Henchman’

If you weren’t already thrilled enough about the possibility of Mystery Science Theater 3000 coming back for a full new season, here’s a brand new reason to get stoked. MTST3K creator Joel Hodgson announced Monday in an update to his Kickstarter that while Felicia Day will be starring as the new mad scientist and daughter of Dr. Clayton Forrester, none other than Patton Oswalt will be joining her as the new “evil henchman” and the son of TV’s Frank — or, “TV’s Son of TV’s Frank,” as is what his official title will be.

Hodgson explained in the update that Oswalt wasn’t originally involved when the Kickstarter launched, and was initially just on a roster of “dream guest writers.” But once he started to think about it, he realized how perfect the casting would be.

Remember last week, how I said my creative process usually starts with visuals, and then I work backward? Well, in this case, I first imagined Patton dressed up like TV’s Frank. I figured maybe he’d be Frank’s son, or at least a clone. But yeah: the idea of Patton wearing black lab assistant’s garb, with a big mound of silver hair and a spitcurl…? It was just really funny to me, in a visual / cross-referential / meta kind of way.

And, of course, Patton himself was way into the idea, as well:

Currently, the Kickstarter campaign is just over $3.2 million, and for a full season of 12 episodes, it needs to reach $5.5 million over the course of the next 12 days. If this news doesn’t give it the bump it needs, we don’t know what will.