PAX East: Friday Open Post And Images Of The Floor

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03.22.13 13 Comments

Endless food lines, shameless marketing, and the vast, aching, wireless desert: Here’s my alternately lovely and awful first day at PAX East, and some Lytro images of the floor.

  • The Capcom panel was largely marketing we already knew about games we knew were coming. On the other hand, bringing back DuckTales makes pretty much everything I sat through worth it 100%.
  • The booths are slightly less elaborate than in year’s past, more open and more focused on getting people playing games. Whether it’s just a matter of who’s showing up this year or a conscious decision, it really does help.
  • That said, the BCEC’s management needs to take a hard look at their lives: Wireless in the building pretty much vanished for me around 11am. Buy some routers, lay some cable, do what you have to do.
  • I’ll get more in-depth with this tomorrow, but the indie selection this year is particularly entertaining and robust. If you’re at the show, get to the booth.

At the show? Weigh in in the comments about your joys and pains. Meanwhile for those of you who can’t be here, I’ve included a series of Lytro images for you to screw around with on the following pages, although the low light (and my quick snaps as opposed to actually composing an image) means it’s more for zooming than for the focus shifting. Enjoy!

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