Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Leaves A Pivotal ‘Hunger Games’ Scene Unfinished

You already know Philip Seymour Hoffman died with up to fifty envelopes of heroin still stored in his apartment. Addiction is a hell of a thing. I have nothing poignant to say about it. Won’t even throw out disingenuous platitudes about loss and art. Now we just follow up on what happens next.

Yesterday we learned Hoffman had seven days of filming left on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two, in which he plays Gamemaker-turned-resistance-fighter Plutarch Heavensbee. Now THR says Lionsgate insiders have admitted there is one important scene not yet filmed, although they wouldn’t say which one. “Why would I want to give people something to look for two years from now?” said a studio executive.

A source tells THR the scene will be completed by doing “digital things”, which will be paid for by the film’s insurance policy. THR also spoke to Rob Legato, an effects supervisor for many films, including The Wolf of Wall Street.

Universal is facing a similar, and much more troublesome, situation with Fast & Furious 7. Production on that film shut down after the sudden death of star Paul Walker in November and has yet to resume. […] Legato predicts that in the future, insurance companies may require actors in big films to be scanned and have a range of facial expressions recorded in advance “in case something like this does happen — and it seems to have happened quite a bit lately.”

Wouldn’t it be easier for Lionsgate to just have Jim Gaffigan act as a stand-in?

R.I.P. mattress man.

Banner via Everett Collection / Hat tip to Bren and LATFG.