Pictures And Video From The Set Of The Dark Knight Rises

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Psst, want to see Batman elbowing Bane in the face?  Of course you do.  Also, care to buy a watch?  Genuine Polex.
Dark Knight Rises is filming in Pittsburgh right now, as evidenced by the metric buttload (fancy technical term) of photos after the jump.  We have the aforementioned photos of Batman elbowing Bane in the face, the batsignal in Pittsburgh, and pics and videos of the vehicles on set.  There are also several pictures of Tom Hardy as Bane standing on top of the Tumbler.  He appears to be reading sides between scenes but it could be something else.  In fact, check out Filmdrunk for an exclusive look at what Bane is reading which is totally real and not at all altered. We here at Uproxx would never photoshop a misrepresentation into a Bane picture. Ever.
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In the face.

Raise the rizzoof if you love Venom.

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