‘Powers’ Casts Its Faded Heroic Lead, And It’s Perfect

Powers has spent years in development, and it’s finally been picked up by Sony to run exclusively on the PlayStation. But who will play the hero? None other than…

Vikus himself, Sharlto Copley, according to Deadline. Copley’s an interesting choice not least because he’s had a relatively high-profile career; in addition to his work on District 9 and Elysium, he was Murdock in The A-Team and a thinly veiled insane rapist in Maleficent. Still, this is a leading man role he’s oddly well suited to.

The series certainly isn’t cheaping out on the casting. Eddie Izzard is coming back to play his character from Hannibal except with superpowers, for example, and it seems we’ll have more to learn as the series gets closer. But if nothing else, we have to admit, the lead casting officially has our attention.