‘Rambo: The Video Game’ Looks Like The Arcade Game We Never Got In New Gameplay Footage

Rambo: The Video Game, which apparently covers all four movies in Stallone’s sensitive drama series about the forbidden love between a man and military machinery, is likely going to be terrible. But it might be entertainingly terrible, if this new gameplay footage is any indication.

Weirdly, the big takeaway from this game is that it’s not actually an FPS as we were told. It instead looks quite a bit like a rail-shooter with quicktime events. Take a look at the footage for yourself, which is divided into little tidbits of various types of action; most of that sure looks like a rail shooter to us.

Yes, the graphics are hideous, especially considering the color palette comes from Pottery Barn and this game was supposed to come out in 2013, not 2003; I actually had to monkey with the colors substantially to make the image above be more than a brown blur, and this is a video game that’s currently supposed to be out sometime this year. Also, we didn’t know the Viet Cong had night-vision goggles and/or creepy glowing eyes; did that come standard, or did only the commando teams get those?

On the other hand, this does look like entertainingly ridiculous fun in many ways; it’s definitely got an arcade shooter vibe to it that’s a little hard to resist, and there is a moment where you fight a helicopter with a tank. We just don’t fight enough helicopters with tanks in modern video games. We’ll know for sure if that’s a good thing sometime this year.