Someone Made ‘Real-Life Spider-Man Web-Shooters’ And They’re Something Out Of Mortal Kombat

We will eventually get to a point in human technology where we have the tools of superheroes at our disposal. We will fly to work on repulsors, have cars that can bash through pretty much anything, and, of course, swing around on synthetic spider-webs. But until then, we can pioneer new ways to seriously injure each other!

Or at least that’s the impression you get from‘s run at make Spidey’s web-shooters. Essentially? It’s a coilgun that fires harpoons:

Here, of course, it is taking out a bucket:

But the real intent comes across at roughly 2:18, where he finally deploys the harpoon and reels something in:

Yeah… Spider-Man doesn’t impale people, but we can’t help but hear “GET OVER HERE!” every time we see this particular GIF. And, as the developer notes, he was just making a simple toy, but you could easily amp this up to fire projectiles much faster. You know, into somebody’s neck, before dragging them close enough to you that you can uppercut them.

In other words, expect a Scorpion cosplayer to get into a lot of trouble with this thing sometime in the next year. But, hey, at least his costume will be accurate, right?