‘Red 2’ Has A Trailer, More Of Heavily Armed Helen Mirren

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01.18.13 11 Comments
Hello, new meme image!

Red, the original comic series, was a dark espionage story from Warren Ellis about government “black” operations and how the nature of those operations is so inherently awful that they can literally offend people into sending hitmen after you. In the hands of Dean Parisot and Hollywood, that became a pretty good action comedy that features Helen Mirren killing people with a vehicle mounted machine gun.

Even Warren Ellis agreed this was an improvement. And now there’s more of it!

Specifically, a sequel, which apparently opens in a Costco:

Granted, this looks pretty much exactly like the first movie, only with less of Morgan Freeman being a lecher and more Oscar-winners beating the crap out of people. Anthony Hopkins apparently wants to get in on the fun, according to the trailer, and we’re guessing Catherine Zeta-Jones gets blown up at some point too.

On the other hand, that means more of John Malkovich being completely insane, more Helen Mirren shooting people with ludicrously high-powered weapons, and more of Bruce Willis being an action hero, so it is kinda hard to see the objection. Also, Warren Ellis gets a fat paycheck for doing nothing, a situation we can all heartily approve of.

Red 2 will be arriving August 2nd.

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