Finally, ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Will Be Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

It’s been a long time, John Marston. Now it’s time to visit your wonderfully weird and tragic tale once again. After months of rumors and years of fans begging and pleading, Red Dead Redemption is going to be backwards compatible on Xbox One. This comes after the 2010 Game of the Year (and what I consider Rockstar’s opus) was briefly shown as backwards compatible on the Xbox One store page in February, then quickly taken down in what was being called a “test” by Microsoft, Kotaku reports.

Currently, there are no clues as to any performance upgrades, nor has there been any announcement of a PS4 backwards compatible version. Still, for those of us with Xbox One systems, this is a pleasant treat in the lean days of summer. (Who else thinks this will be on the best-seller list by Monday?) Playing poker with a bunch of zombies and criminals is one of the finest joys of the last generation, and even if there’s no PC version, at least we have this.

The next thing to hope and wait for is an official announcement of a sequel by Rockstar Games. Clues and possible leaks regarding the next chapter in the Red Dead series have been trickling out for years at this point, and the hopeful part of me believes this is the first step towards a reveal. Whether or not that happens, at least I know that I’ll be riding around on my bull in multiplayer lobbies while I wait.

(Via Kotaku)