Here’s Why You Never Randomly Text A Reddit Prankster

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10.08.12 11 Comments

We love to see pranksters get their comeuppance, and so it goes with Max, who tried to pull off a prank only to have it backfire spectacularly. Last April, our friend Pauly tweeted a suggested prank which went viral:

A member of Reddit thought this would be a good idea. What he didn’t realize is that his cell phone number was searchable on Facebook, and the person he texted was a prankster who was also on Reddit. What ensued is a ridiculously silly, meme-filled conversation with a mysterious Mr. Taco:

Mr. Taco (AKA leyts) posted the conversation on Reddit, and it shot to the top. What he didn’t know is that the failed prankster, Max, was also talking about the confusing conversation in another Reddit thread. The other thread was called “Finally something to do” and consisted of a screencap of that tweet by our buddy Pauly. Underneath that post, a guy called Square Turtles complained about the prank backfiring. Reddit took notice.

A text to Max confirmed that he was, indeed, Square Turtles:

Look at this f–king love connection.

I’m particularly tickled that this all started from a simple, funny tweet from a regular commenter and kickass comedian we know. Of course, this being Reddit, there’s always a chance it was faked for the Karma. I want to believe.

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