Remember That X-COM Shooter? It Might Still Be Coming

04.22.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

Last year, Firaxis showed that everybody still loves X-COM, and managed also to prove that RTS games are actually quite popular with console players, once you decide on a sensible control scheme.

So what about that X-COM shooter? Oh, that’s still on the way too.

Apparently having learned nothing from the likes of Syndicate, 2K is still pushing ahead with the FPS they were working on, and the marketing campaign is starting in earnest, if this video is any indication:

If you click over to the actual video page, you’ll notice it was posted by new user Veritas MCMLXII, or “Truth 1962”. The game is set in 1962, and apparently will span the world if viral materials sent to game journalists are any hint.

We’re of two minds about this one. 2K Marin, the development team, was heavily involved with Irrational in developing BioShock and BioShock Infinite, and were solely responsible for BioShock 2. Running around the globe in the ’60s blasting aliens does sound pretty fun, but on the other hand, other attempts to turn games of different genres into shooters spring to mind, like last year’s ill-fated Syndicate. The developer behind that one was Starbreeze, and they had some great games under their belt as well.

But one way or the other, apparently this game is coming, so we’ll see just what Marin can do outside the BioShock franchise.

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