The New ‘Rick And Morty’ Game Is Basically A Squanched Up Version Of ‘Pokémon’

How is it that we don’t have a proper Rick and Morty game yet? The show certainly drops enough video game references. Sure, it’s inspired a couple intentionally bad parody games like Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure (exactly what it sounds like) and a real-world version of Jerry’s balloon popping game, but a real Rick and Morty game hasn’t happened. Until now. Well, sort of.

Pocket Mortys is still a parody game, but at least it looks like somebody put some effort into it. Pocket Mortys basically turns the Pokémon concept on its head. Instead of the game being about dorky kids forcing strange creatures to fight each other, Pocket Mortys is about strange creatures forcing alternate universe versions of Morty to fight each other. Pocket Mortys is dark, it’s sick, and it’s Rick and Morty to a T.

Rick and Morty co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon both gave their endorsement to the new game by tweeting out short clips.

Adult Swim Games also tweeted a clip and dropped a release date.

As the Tweets say, Pocket Mortys is coming to iOS and Android for the low, low price of nothing. Hmmm, but what about microtransactions? Thankfully, Dan Harmon cleared that right up.

Shrug. Hey, by free-to-play standards, that’s not so bad.

via Eurogamer