Heavy Metal, Literally: Robot Band ‘Compressorhead’ Plays Motörhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’

01.07.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

What better way to start a Monday morning than to ponder the question posed by Hack A Day, “Who would win in a fight, robot Lemmy or robot God?” Trick question: they’re the same robot. And you can see robot Lemmy, AKA “Stickboy”, in the video below, in which robot band Compressorhead performs Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades”.

We’ve previously featured a four-armed drumming robot with a mohawk and the Spruce Deuce, but this is the first full robot band we’ve seen. They bill themselves as “the world’s heaviest metal band” and they’re currently touring in Australia. Their tour rider calls for three bags of precious lugnuts assorted nuts, three liters of both hydraulic fluid and engine oil, and six “meat bags” (people) to help set things up.

The aforementioned drummer (Stickboy) plays a 14-piece Pearl kit with a double bass. The guitarist (Fingers) has 78 hydraulically-actuated “fingers” playing a factory-standard guitar. The bass player (Bones) also plays a factory-standard instrument. And all four robot band members are amazingly life-like. The guitar player sways, the drummer headbangs, and (just like real life) the bass player barely moves. Also just like real life? That little guy whose only job is to hit the hi-hat pedal when needed. What? Your band doesn’t have one of those? Pfft, amateur. All the cool bands have a hi-hat dwarf.

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