You Can Fight Robot George Washington In Bioshock Infinite. Yes Please.

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03.08.12 2 Comments

BioShock Infinite — which looks pretty awesome — is about to get even more awesome. Irrational Games revealed to G4TV some of the “Heavy Hitter” enemies for the game. What you see above is The Motorized Patriot, a clockwork mechanized George Washington complete with a Gatling gun called the pepper-mill. (Trailer and more pictures below.)

“Unlike most of the enemies, he’s completely fearless,” Irrational co-founder Ken Levine told us. “He doesn’t have a sense of self-preservation, so he’ll just keep coming at you and coming at you. […] Once he destroys the Patriot, Booker can actually go pick up the pepper-mill and use it as a heavy weapon,” Levine said. “The only place you can get it is from a destroyed Motorized Patriot.” [G4TV]

HISTORICALLY ACCURATE. It’s about time the gaming industry developed a character which truly reflects the nature of our first president. Opponents beware. He makes love like an eagle falling out of the sky. He killed his sensei in a duel but he never said why:

Er, anyway, here is the real trailer and some more pictures, courtesy of G4TV, SuperPunch, and ToplessRobot:


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