Roller Coasters Make You Hotter To Your Seatmate

We knew we enjoyed amusement parks.

Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin showed people photos of an “attractive” person before getting on a roller coaster, and also asked people to rank the attractiveness of their seatmate. Then, they were approached immediately after, and asked the same questions.

Apparently, getting swung around at high speeds puts you in the mood for love, because exiting, they saw a big spike in attractiveness rankings of both the photo and the seatmate, much to the joy of the Ohio Players.

The researchers believe it’s due to “excitation transfer”; that is, the ride winds you up and once it’s done, all that tension has to go somewhere. Or, you know, maybe you just had a whole lot of your blood thrown around, and it’s settling down still.

Either way, let’s get all the Forever Alones and put them on a roller coaster.

image courtesy ahisgett via Flickr