Sega Heads Back To The ‘Aliens’ Universe In ‘Alien: Isolation’

10.21.13 5 years ago 14 Comments


Aliens: Colonial Marines was a crushing critical and commercial flop, but don’t think for a moment that means Sega is going to loosen its facehugger-like grip on the Aliens franchise. In fact they’re already readying the next video game adaptation of the series.

Twentieth Century Fox has filed a trademark for a new video game called Alien: Isolation. According to Kotaku this game will star the daughter of Ellen Ripley and will be a first-person stealth/horror title in the same vein as games like Dishonored or Bioshock. The game will be developed by Creative Assembly, the guys behind the Total War series. They certainly have a strong track record, but then again Gearbox Software also had a solid track record until Aliens: Colonial Marines came along.

It’s interesting to note that the game is called Alien: Isolation and not Aliens: Isolation. According to Kotaku’s source the game will be going back to the franchise’s roots and will only feature a single alien for most of the game.

So, what do you folks think? Interested in seeing a pared down, hopefully scarier take on the Aliens franchise? Or should the video game industry (and Sega in particular) just give up on the Xenomorphs?

via Siliconera & Kotaku

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