25 Geek Crafts We Love From The 'Sew Nerdy' Art Show

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Clocky and Playhouse Friends by Allison Hoffman [via]

Last weekend, the Sew Nerdy art show opened at the Bear and Bird Boutique in Lauderhill, Florida. The show runs until August 11th and features hand-made crafts related to sci-fi, science, comics, role-playing games, and geek-beloved TV shows and movies. Some of the artists include Michelle Coffee, Starrley, Denn Rodriguez, Lisa Penney, Lana Crooks, M. Lockwood, Kjersti Faret, Love and Sandwich, Drop Dead Quirky, and others.

Twenty-five of our favorite handcrafts from Sew Nerdy: A Geek Craft Extravaganza are collected below. All pictures via Bear and Bird’s Flickr Page and LaughingSquid. Many items are still available for purchase here.

Audrey II by Scrumptious Delight [via]

Fry and Leela by Starrley [via]

Beelzebot: The Robot Devil by Lana Crooks [via]

Diana’s Stitch in Time by M. Lockwood [via]

Hitchin’ a Ride by Drop Dead Quirky [via]

Finn and Jake as Professor Layton and Luke by Starrley [via]

Open the Police Box by Kjersti Faret [via]

Chewburga by Cutesypoo [via]

A Fistful of Quarters by MafiosaGrrl [via]

Pirahna Plant by Love and Sandwich [via]

Chain Chomp by Love and Sandwich [via]

Flying Goomba by Love and Sandwich [via]

Picard and Riker Facepalm by Starrley [via]

Cowabunga! by Michelle Coffee [via]

Lydia’s Nightmare by Lisa Penney [via]

Eye Heart Amoebas by Dianna Oates [via]

Come Play with R2D2 Forever and Ever by Drop Dead Quirky [via]

Oompa Loompa by Denn Rodriguez [via]

Christopher The Ringmaster by Denn Rodriguez [via]

Thwomp by nerd JERK [via]

Luck Dragon by Stitch of Whimsy [via]

Uhura by Lisa Penney [via]

Yah Gunna Die, Charlie by Jenna Dickes-Deleo [via]

Sew Vader by Kreisten Suskey [via]

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