‘Sleepy Hollow’s Quest For A Third Season Just Had A Major Setback

Sleepy Hollow‘s first season was great. Yeah, it made a hash of history, but Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie had great comedic chemistry, and the monster-of-the-week episodes were a lot of fun. Then, the second season debuted, and it all… kinda went to hell. Too many characters, not enough of them interesting, and they gave the Headless Horseman a head, for crying out loud! He’s the Headless Horseman! You don’t put a head on his shoulders, especially when he uses it to be a passive-aggressive whiner towards his ex!

To be fair, the show realized this: Most of the season finale boils down to, “Let’s just pretend about half the plotlines of this season never happened.” But it might be too little, too late, as the showrunner just quit. According to Screen Rant, Mark Goffman, who’s been on top of the show since the beginning, is going to CBS to oversee and develop new series in a two-year deal.

That’s going to be a point of concern for Fox, as they’ll need to bring in a new guy to oversee the show. It’s also worth noting that Fox has pilots like Minority Report in the pipe, so if it wants something to put on after Gotham, it’s got options.

At a guess, though, Sleepy Hollow will get a third season, if a shorter one. First of all, while it may not have done quite as well this season, the ratings were still relatively solid leading into the finale. Similarly, Fox will have a few holes in its schedule in fairly short order; The Following, for example, is sinking like a rock in the ratings, and Bones is currently in its 10th season. So, Fox may give it another go. Just… don’t bring back Katrina, guys. That’s all we ask.