So, How Did Squeenix Screw Over GRIN?

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You probably didn’t play “Bionic Commando”, one of Capcom’s biggest bombs for no explicable reason, but it was actually really fun, and also one of the few “Gears of War” knockoffs that was actually fun to play. But you probably did play “Bionic Commando Rearmed”, and you were probably sad to hear GRIN was shut down.

Well, the Swedish believe in revenge, and now that the NDAs are up, they can finally lay the blame where it belongs: Square Enix.

While obviously a bit one-sided, it’s pretty clear that, for some reason or another, Squeenix decided they didn’t like these Swedes, and decided to passive-aggressively cancel their contract to build yet another Final Fantasy game, although this one, unlike the main series, might actually appeal to somebody other than Japanese people and white people who think they’re Japanese people.

Whether or not GRIN’s claims of demands like code being faxed to them and Squeenix failing to recognize their own screenshots from FFXII are true, one thing’s for sure: GRIN got a project canceled out from under them, and it ruined the company.

Ahhhhh, the wonderful world of gaming.

[ via the one-winged angels at Kotaku ]

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