Sony Unveils The Playstation 4 In An Endurance Testing Press Conference

Who has the time to wait around for E3? Not the big three console makers — not this year. Nintendo pretty much laid out it’s 2013 in January, and yesterday evening Sony dropped it’s own bomb, unveiling the PS4. Based on how things are going, an impatient Microsoft will probably show off the next Xbox this weekend.

So, how was the Sony press conference? Well, it was long, and very filled with corporate buzzwords, but some interesting announcements and nifty game footage managed to sneak in here and there.

Hit the jump for a breakdown of the press conference with my instant, off-the-cuff, almost-certainly-to-be-regretted-some-day reactions…

videos via Sony and Gamespot’s Youtube pages

You should still be able to watch a stream of Sony’s press conference right here. Those without two hours to spare, read on…

– The conference is in a large room surrounded by giant wraparound screens. Could this be a hint that Sony’s totally planning to steal Microsoft’s wall-projector holodeck thing?

– The screens are shouting slogans at us! Imagination is our one weapon against reality! What’s Sony got against reality? I know coming in 3rd this console generation was a hard pill to swallow, but don’t take it out on reality. Bunch of clips from old Playstation games and ads.