Sony Wants To Bring E3 To Your Local Movie Theater

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05.28.14 5 Comments


E3 is coming up, and for anybody even tangentially connected to the gaming world, it’s a hell of poorly flavored caffeinated drinks and endless yammering livestreams. But at least the conference livestreams mean you can watch these events at home or at work, in a comfortable setting. You don’t have to get up early and drag your carcass to a theater to sit through a dozen presentations before getting to the one game you care about. Unless, for some reason, you take up Sony’s offer to do exactly that!

Yes, Sony wants you to attend a screening of their press conference at a local movie theater. Here’s their sales pitch for the “experience.”

Thankfully, this is actually free: They’re not expecting you to pay to sit through an hour’s worth of ads for upcoming Sony products. But it’s still kind of absurd and probably a prelude to actually making you pay to sit in a movie theater to watch nothing but ads. E3 is actually pretty fun, for all my joking about the annoying parts; we get a sense of what’s coming out, and we get more fodder for arguments. But come on, Sony, don’t make me wear pants to do that.

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