Soul Calibur V is Going to Let You Create Some Ridiculous Stuff

11.04.11 7 years ago

I’m a sucker for a game with a good character creation mode. Sure, the guys you cook up yourself usually don’t handle as well as the characters the game designers made, but there’s something satisfying about playing as a character that’s an extension of your personality (typically my personality guides me toward creating fat guys in short-shorts with names like “Hugh Jass” and “Ben Jackinoff”).

Character creators have long been staples of wrestling, sports and role-playing games, but they’re rarely included in fighting games despite being a perfect fit for the genre. The Soul Calibur series is the exception — Soul Calibur III and IV both allowed you to create fighters, and the character creator in the upcoming Soul Calibur V looks as though it’s going to be ridiculously deep. Hit the jump to check out a video detailing the process.


Most surprising thing about that video? That no time whatsoever was devoted to showing us how to change the size and shape of our fighter’s breasts. Come on Soul Calibur team, you have your boob-crazed reputation to maintain.

via GameTrailers

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