Spider-Man and Venom are Gonna Do the Superhero Movie Crossover Thing

Superhero crossovers! After the success of The Avengers, they’re the new hot thing. Warner Bros. desperately wants to make a Justice League project happen and now it seems Sony wants to get into the crossover game, even though they only own the film rights to a small corner of the Marvel Universe (Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and all related characters).

A Venom movie is being developed by Chronicle director Josh Trank, and word is it will somehow cross over with The Amazing Spider-Man, or that the two movies will at least “make sense with one another”. I just hope the movie won’t star Topher Grace, because that made no sense any way you cut it.

So folks, assuming Sony continues to build on the Spidey-verse, which Spider-Man characters would you like to see get their own movies? I say Spider-Woman, because boobs.

via BleedingCool