Spock Is Not Impressed With These Links

Entertainment Editor

Meme Watch: Spock is not impressed [Uproxx]

Frotcast 58: Songs of Summer, Search for the Worst Trailer, Cowboys & Aliens [Filmdrunk]

10 Hanna-Barbera Shows Worse Than The Smurfs [WarmingGlow]

Seattle Mariners’ Losing Streak as Told by Sad Dogs [WithLeather]

The Best of #Señor Chang [Uproxx]

20 of Rap’s Best Comeback Albums [TSS]

Hulk Hogan’s Great Idea for 2011: Midgets [WithLeather]

Meme Watch: Oblivious College Freshman [Uproxx]

Meme Watch: Chemistry Cat’s Word Is His Bond [Uproxx]

The 15 Best Ron Swanson GIFs [Buzzfeed]

If Adult TV Shows Were Remade for Children [CollegeHumor]

The 11 Most Commercially Successful Directors You’ve Never Heard Of [Pajiba]

This morning is the last chance to enter the Zombie giveaway.

VIDEO BELOW: The Viva Vox Choir in Serbia does an a capella cover of Rammstein’s “Du hast” [Nerdcore]

[Pictures via LaughingSquid and TheBloggess]

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