Square-Enix Had A Year Of Great Reviews And Big Hits! They Also Lost A Giant Pile Of Money!

Things are in a bit of a disarray over at Square-Enix headquarters.

To the casual observer Square-Enix may seem to be doing okay — sure, they haven’t had a major RPG hit in a while, but they bought Eidos a few years back, and that division has been responsible for some of the best-reviewed, highest-profile games of the past year! Sleeping Dogs! Hitman: Absolution! Tomb Raider!

Well, apparently a trio of highly acclaimed hits doesn’t count for as much as it used to

Although all three of the aforementioned Eidos titles have sold over a million copies (both Tomb Raider and Hitman have sold over 3 million in fact) they still sold far short of five million, the magic number a triple-A game must achieve to be considered a “success” these days.

Square-Enix was expecting to make around 25 million this past financial year — instead they ended up losing around 90 million. Square-Enix’s long-time CEO Yoichi Wada has resigned, and many more are likely to follow.

We’ve already seen a rash of mid-sized independent developers going under, and now it looks like some of the big boys may be following suit as a new generation of consoles and triple-A expectations descends upon us.

via PCGamer & Destructoid