Square Enix’s Next ‘Hitman’ Game Is… ‘Hitman Go?’

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04.10.14 5 Comments

Square Enix

When you think Hitman, you think “lovingly crafted missions that allow you to kill your target in elaborate detail.” You don’t generally think “This would make an awesome board game!” And yet, that’s what Square Enix appears to be doing with an upcoming title.

Hitman Go is essentially a digital board game, and not a warped take on the Teen Titans cartoon, as amazing as that would be. It’s a turn-based strategy game where, well, you do what Agent 47 does best: Infiltrate facilities, take out targets, and wear funny disguises. Here’s a video from a droning British guy!

It’s certainly an… offbeat take on the franchise, but we do have to admit, if company mandates insist there has to be some sort of mobile game, we’d rather it be something different than some half-assed attempt to “monetize current IP on unique mobile platforms.”

And, hey, if nothing else, it’s a reminder that yes, Agent 47 is still around and yes, he has another game all about whacking chumps in the works. And the board game conceit is actually kind of amusing, to the point where we half-wonder if this wasn’t in development as a physical game before somebody decided it wouldn’t work. But either way, welcome back, 47. This arrives on iOS April 17th for $5.

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