The Star Wars Alphabet Guessing Game– Can You Name Them All?

08.24.11 7 years ago 11 Comments
Star Wars Universe Collective

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The Star Wars is galaxy not only far, far away but it is also full of characters with names that never existed outside of the Star Wars universe. When it comes down to your pop culture skills to relate offbeat characters to an initial in their name, do you know who’s who?

We’ve made this not-so-small chart to test your skill and knowledge of the Star Wars universe’s finest heroes and villains,  liberally using titles, first and last names and the occasional starfighter. We also wanted to test your ability to comment on our not so great Photoshoping skills.

See the Star Wars alphabet chart after the jump, and may the Star Wars references be with you:

Star Wars Alphabet GammaSquad


Copy & Paste This Chart On Your Blog:

Star Wars Alphabet Chart
Gamma Squad’s Star Wars Alphabet

Answers and explanations on the next page.

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