Star Wars Deleted Scene And Vintage Set Pics From The Original Trilogy

09.07.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

A deleted scene from the the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back is going to be included in the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray releasing September 16th. The scene is an extended version of Han and Leia’s arguing at Echo Base. After watching the video (below), we can see why it was left out. It’s hard to believe the guy with the stilted delivery and self-conscious body language in this scene was the same guy who delivered iconic lines like “I know” and “MY WIFE!

Also, we found some rare behind the scenes photos. The first eight were taken in 1982 in Buttercup Valley in southern California by Mike Davis and some friends. They heard a movie called “Blue Harvest: Horror Beyond Imagination” was filming in the desert and decided to check it out. “Blue Harvest” turned out to be the code name for Return of the Jedi, so they ended up snapping photos of Jabba’s barge on Tatooine. The rest of the photos after the jump are from the huge collection put together by Malgusto. Me gusta.

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