‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Has Officially Wrapped, And R2-D2 And John Boyega Are Ready To Party

Well guys, it’s official, there’s a new Star Wars sequel out there, just waiting to be edited together, sprinkled with special effects magic and released to theaters. The production of Star Wars: Episode VII, which began in May, officially wrapped this weekend. Here’s the thank-you card all the cast and crew got after the final scene was shot. Yes, everyone got a paper card – they really are taking this practical, low-fi thing seriously…

Meanwhile, John Boyega celebrated with an Instagram photo of him posing with a certain sassy little maintenance droid.

Sweet scarf Artoo. 

With filming done, the cast all got together for a lavish wrap party at the London Science Museum. We can’t show you the pics, but you can check them out at ComingSoon. Included in the party? None other than Simon Pegg, finally confirming the longstanding rumors that he’d be making an appearance in the flick.

Star Trek? Psshhh — get the me the f*ck outta here. 

Even though Star Wars: Episode VII is done filming, you’re still going to have to wait until December 18th, 2015 to watch it. Guess adding CGI Ewoks to every scene takes some time.

Via ComingSoon