‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Plot Leaks, As Do Details About John Boyega’s Character

A plot synopsis for the opening scenes of Star Wars: Episode VII has leaked, as have plot details involving John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. Stop reading right here if you don’t want any potential spoilers.

Late last night Badass Digest reported that multiple sources have told them John Boyega is playing a stormtrooper who goes AWOL and teams up with Daisy Ridley’s character. They add, “Boyega as storm trooper is the single most confirmed piece of news I’ve ever written about in terms of sheer volume of independent sources who agree.”

Wait, so stormtroopers aren’t clones anymore? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF TH–

Well, okay. (Yes, I’m aware Stormtroopers started being cloned from multiple templates, but I still have doubts that Boyega is playing a run-of-the-mill clone. His aim will probably be too good.)

This rumor comes about a day after Badass Digest revealed a description of the first 20 minutes of the movie, a description which they later said was confirmed by multiple sources.

Imagine the standard Star Wars crawl, and when it ends the camera pans up to the stars. But instead of a spaceship zooming into frame we see… a hand! A severed hand, tumbling through space. A severed hand gripping a light saber.

That hand falls onto a desert planet, [Ed.- they later said this is NOT Tatooine] where it is discovered by characters who will be our heroes. One is Daisy Ridley. The other is John Boyega, who is playing someone trying to change his path in life (again, I’m keeping it vague here). They recognize the light saber as a Jedi relic and decide to return it to the proper people.

Their quest takes them off world, and they meet up with Han Solo and Chewbacca, who aren’t flying around in the Millenium Falcon anymore but are piloting… well, that could be a spoiler. I’ll leave it. Anyway, Han and Chewie recognize the light saber as Luke’s, and they say they haven’t seen their friend in thirty years, since the events of Return of the Jedi.

So begins a quest to find the missing Jedi Master. Meanwhile, on an ice planet, nefarious forces are building a super weapon, one capable of destroying not planets but entire solar systems.

Well, at least he was holding a lightsaber and not his fleshlight. Yes, we’re making that joke instead of getting all hard science about the hand not burning up when entering the atmosphere. We’re talking about Star Wars. The first scene of A New Hope had sound and fire in space. Being scientifically inaccurate when it serves the story has always been their jam.

Badass Digest also says they’re hearing good things about the action, the characters, and how the actors are performing. Their sources were especially impressed with one actor, saying “John Boyega owns this movie”, which, if you’ve seen him in Attack the Block, is no surprise.