‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Set Photo Shows They’re Serious About Stopping Spoilers

J.J. Abrams wants to keep the Star Wars: Episode VII mystery box unopened, not that this has stopped anyone from leaking concept art and dubious footage and insane, hopefully fake spoilers. Now a cute photo tweeted from the set demonstrates some of the steps they’re taking to remind employees to keep secrets.

Star Wars producer Frank Marshall, who is also married to Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy, tweeted this picture from Pinewood Studios:

The artist here is Cliff Chiang, who based the poster on the iconic “Loose Lips Might Sink Ships” propaganda from WWII.

As /film points out, this poster hangs in an area in the Lucasfilm office at Pinewood where non-disclosure agreements are signed before stepping on set, according to jorts-ensconced taint enthusiast Kevin Smith. When Smith visited the set, he (inaccurately) described seemingly the same poster 39 minutes into this video, as transcribed by /film:

“I get into the Lucasfilm office where you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement which says you’re not gonna say what you saw. So I can’t tell you exactly what I saw but we’ll work around it. I sign that. There’s a poster hanging on the wall right there. And it shows an Imperial Starship commander, in uniform, going like this [Mimics a finger to the mouth for the “shhhhh”] and it says ‘Loose lips sink starships.’ So they don’t want you to talk about what you see. And I said, ‘This is awesome’ and JJ’s assistant goes ‘JJ hung that up for you.’ So I was like, ‘I got it I got it.'”

Smith forgot to describe the other WWII-inspired posters J.J. hung up just for Kevin, including “We shall soon have our Storm Troopers in America. Will you be too high to notice?”, and “He’s watching you, so put the Fleshlight down.” as well as “We can do it! (‘It’ being tying our own shoes without getting winded.)”, and, of course, “For the love of God, stop wearing short pants. You’re 44.”