‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ Gets A Working Title That Should Likely Be Its Own Movie

02.21.16 2 years ago 7 Comments


Big news, Star Wars nuts!

Episode VIII has a working title. And it’s bound to stick. Want to know what it is?

That’s right, Carrie Fisher and her cute, little dog Gary — which is a fantastic name for a dog, by the way — have revealed to the world that the next Star Wars flick, which began shooting last week and is set for theatrical release on December 15, 2017, will be called Space Bear: Episode VIII.

It really rolls off the tongue nicely.

OK, that’s probably not what Episode VIII will actually be called. But when you consider that the working title for Episode VII, still inching closer and closer to a $1 billion domestic box office take, wasย Foodles, well, Space Bear isn’t terribly surprising.

Nor is Fisher’s news, really. The Independent reported last month that Space Bear would be the working title for Episode VIII. Fisher and Gary merely confirmed the news via that tweet. Though, as SlashFilm points out, since Gary might be the official mascot of the next movie, why not just call it Space Dog?

But we digress. Space Bear: Episode VIII is off and running with most of the Episode VII cast back and new additions Benicio Del Toro, Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Tran in the fold. The best, though, would be if Gary somehow won himself a cameo or a walk-on.

(via SlashFilm)

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