Stephen Colbert To Better Know ‘The Hobbit’. Also, Here’s A First Look At Goblin Leader Bolg

Anyone’s who’s watched a few episodes of The Colbert Report knows Stephen Colbert is pretty into the fantasy s–t. The Dungeons & Dragons and Tolkien references come pretty thick and heavy on the show.

So the following news isn’t actually as weird as it seems at first glance — Stephen Colbert is going to be in The Hobbit trilogy somewhere. No word yet on who or what exactly he’ll be playing. Given his relationship with bears I’d love to see him randomly show up during The Battle of the Five Armies only to be immediately eaten by Beorn.

In other Hobbit news, we have the first picture of goblin leader Bolg. Wait, could Stephen Colbert be playing Bolg?! Uhhhh, probably not, but just remember I put it out there if it turns out to be true…

Huh, I dunno if I’m digging the red dreadlocked beard look for Bolg. Not that I’d ever tell him that to his face.

via Bleeding Cool