Did You Notice Trevor From ‘GTA V’ In This Week’s ‘Better Call Saul’?

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Did you know the lovably psychotic Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V basically exists in real life? The character is played by Steven Ogg, a man who is looks just like Trevor and can unleash some pretty serious rage when asked.

Well, eagle-eyed GTA fans may have noticed that Ogg made an appearance on last night’s episode of Better Call Saul. Even better, he was basically playing Trevor. Okay, nobody actually calls him Trevor, but his Better Call Saul character was a mouthy, gun-obsessed jerkwad, so we’re in pretty familiar territory. Really, the only difference was that he had a beard.

You can watch Steven Ogg’s AMC debut above. In the scene, Mike and two other mercenaries are waiting in a parking garage for a job. The Trevor stand-in is shocked that Mike hasn’t brought a gun to the meeting and brags about the guns he brought with him. Things don’t end up going well for BCS Universe Trevor.