‘Stranded’ Packs A Lot Of ’90s Cliches Into One Trailer

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06.12.13 3 Comments
"Can I make rent once this movie is wrapped?"

“Can I make rent once this movie is wrapped?”

Hey, remember when, every August, there’d be an SF/horror movie in theaters? For about a decade, you could always count on a movie like Event Horizon, rated R, messy, and set in space. Call them Children of Alien, and while many were terrible, it’s hard not to have an affection for them. Anyway, one of the latest examples of the form just debuted a new trailer, and promises to be entertaining regardless of quality.

Actually, it’s probably going to be terrible; the director is none other than Roger Christian, who you might remember directed Battlefield Earth. Oh, and it stars Christian Slater, and is seemingly based off of a script that crams the plots of Alien, The Thing, and Cabin Fever into one movie.

I have to admit, part of me is wondering if this trailer is a prank, even if the movie is already in video stores across the UK and not doing well on the IMdB. It’s just so flagrantly cheesy, that you can’t help but think it’s somebody needling the terrible luck Canada tends to have with genre film.

I also have to admit there’s another part of me, the guy who bought Birdemic on Blu-Ray, who kind of can’t wait to see this. Who knows? It could be good, right? Right?

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