‘Street Fighter V’ Offers Details On The New Character And Modes That Are Coming This March

In terms of basic mechanics, Street Fighter V is a rock-solid, accessible entry in the venerable series, but the game arrived a bit light on content. Well, thankfully Capcom is promising to add a whole bunch of new stuff to the game in March, and you’ll be able to get it all for free.

March will see the release of Alex, the game’s first add-on fighter. Alex debuted in Street Fighter III, and was intended to be the new face of the franchise. That didn’t quite work out, but he remains a fan favorite. You’ll be able to purchase Alex with in-game “Fight Money” — you’ll need 100,000 game bucks, which can easily be earned by playing through the game’s story mode for an hour or two. Of course, if you don’t want to put the work in, you can just buy Alex for $6 of real-world cash.

In addition to the new characters, Capcom will be adding new much-needed single-player content in the form of Challenge Mode. This mode will offer a number of new tutorials designed to teach newcomers in the ins-and-outs of Street Fighter V, and trials that challenge you to rack up crazy combos. Capcom will also be unlocking the in-game shop, a rematch option for online multiplayer, and allowing up to eight players in Battle Lounges. There’s also been a variety of tweaks to existing characters, which will probably be the only major re-balancing the game will receive before the end of 2016.

All the new modes and features are free of charge. Capcom is promising their big Street Fighter V update is coming later this month.

(via Capcom Unity)