‘Sunset Overdrive’ Has Co-Op Multiplayer And It Looks Like A Party

07.02.14 4 years ago 6 Comments


I’m not an Xbox guy, I’ve never been an Xbox guy and I probably won’t buy an Xbox One, but maaan, Sunset Overdrive looks like maybe the best console game of 2014 (particularly now that half this year’s line-up has scampered off to 2015). Need another reason to be excited for Insomniac’s colorful, mutant-blasting funfest? Well, it turns out the game has co-op multiplayer!

At any time while playing Sunset Overdrive’s single-player mode, you can jump into Chaos Squad with up to eight other players. In Chaos Squad you play through a series of randomized challenges, which culminate in a final big tower defense-like challenge. Check out footage of Chaos Squad below…

Looks fun, although you can tone it down just a little voiceover guy — I already know your game is totally rad to the max, because, well, it looks totally rad to the max. No need for the rude dude narration.

Via Kotaku

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