‘Sunset Overdrive’ Lives Up To The Promise Of ‘Tony Hawk With Guns’

Senior Contributor

Insomniac has, in the course of promoting Sunset Overdrive, mentioned one concept again and again: Tony Hawk with guns. How does that work? Pretty well, if this gameplay video is to be believed!

It’s pretty straightforward, plotwise: A new energy drink turns everybody who swigs it into a horrible monster, and you shoot them with ridiculous weapons. The main quest will be centered around getting the heck out of Dodge, most likely, but in the meantime, you might as well kill monsters with everything from ricocheting records to vicious, pick-axe-wielding gnomes.

Honestly, everything here is a breath of fresh air. From the utterly silly excuse of a plot to the colorful worlds full of things to grind, bounce off of, and shoot, it looks like Insomniac has finally gotten its groove back after a questionable game or two. We’ll find out how well it holds up in October; it’ll be an Xbox One exclusive.

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