Dueling Supercuts: Which Superheroes Introducing Themselves Supercut Did It Best?

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08.07.13 3 Comments

Superheroes Introducing Themselves Supercut

Not one, but two Superheroes Introducing Themselves supercuts have landed on YouTube so far this month, an act of parallel thinking by HitFix and Screen Junkies. We could compliment them both on being beautiful snowflakes with an appropriate number of “I’m Batman”s, but this is the internet, so instead we have to tape razor blades to their limbs and throw them into a ring while we bang pots with spoons and take bets on which supercut cuts the most. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

In this corner, the slickness from HitFix, the “deez nuts” of supercuts, the I’m not good at rhyming let’s move on.

Solid work, but how will it compare to this Superheroes Introducing Themselves supercut by Screen Junkies which HYST hipped us to?

I’m going to declare the first video the winner this time, due to picking the perfect ending. And I’m not just saying that because co-producer Nick Douglas emailed it to us. (But it helps.)

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